The Joshua Generation

Learn how to begin it today! In its exploration of the life of Joshua, Israel’s early leader,  the Joshua Generation reveals the timeless keys to a successful twenty-first century life.

Based on the instructions that God gave to Joshua, the author reveals God’s secret to a life that is prosperous and successful.

To truly know God and have the success that He promised, you must know and apply that secret.

Do you want to be blessed beyond measure? 

Do you desire to love and trust God, even if it means losing your life? 

Open your heart to the message that God gave to Joshua and let Him speak to you today. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Let Him bless you as He blessed Joshua thousands of years ago. Study the truths shared by this book, apply them to your life, and stand back as God sets the Joshua Generation ablaze with His fire. Don’t miss out on the message God has for you! Don’t get left behind on the incredible journey that He has planned for your life. 

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Excerpt from The Joshua Generation

From Chapter One
“The Story of Eck”

There once was a boy named Eck, whose father was the richest man
in the entire Universe. The wealth of Eck’s father was beyond imagining. He owned Cattle on a thousand hills around the world, in addition to oil, gold, minerals, jewels, and the land upon which the cattle stood.
His wealth could not even be estimated on the most sophisticated of computers. One of the most amazing things about the wealth of Eck’s father was that so few people even knew who he was, or that he owned all of these things. He was an unassuming man, of quiet habits,
who used his economic power secretly.
He was known only as Mister Layseeuh….

From Chapter Three
“The Foundation Teaching-Be Strong and Courageous”

So what does it mean to be “Chazaq?” It means we have to grab hold of God and never let go. We have to let God cure us of our disease of sin and fortify us to engage the enemy in battle. We have to look to God alone for our help and then turn to help others by His power. We have to repair the broken down walls of faith in our society and build them up into an impenetrable fortress for God. We need to keep on believing when everything around us tells us not to. We have to be encouraged by God and the revelations of His word. We have to be valiant in the face of every threat, even to our very lives. We have to be urgent in our desire to spread God’s message and do His will in our lives. We have to be bull headed in our determination to seek the truth of God, no matter the cost in time, money or effort….We have to restrain our natural desires and affections and replace them with the desires of God. Finally, we have to withstand the attack of the devil that will surely come once we have committed our lives to God. All of these are a part of the strength that God commanded Joshua (and us) to have.

Excerpt from Samson in Gaza


Samson stretched his arms and flexed his mighty muscles. He was standing on a hill overlooking the land of the Philistines. His body glistened in the sun from the oil he had rubbed on himself.

Samson reveled in his strength and the power it gave him over other men. He loved looking at the image that gazed back at him from the polished gold shield that hung on the wall in his father’s house. His father had made it for him when he achieved manhood, and it was one of his most precious possessions because in it he could see himself. It was a long shield like the Philistines used, designed to protect a soldier from head to toe. Even now as a grown man, when Samson stood back a little distance from it, he could see his whole body reflected. He never tired of seeing himself and admiring his lean face; long braids of hair; and chiseled, smooth, and perfectly formed body.

Ever since he was a young boy, Samson had been acutely aware of his unusual strength. There were times when it was greater than what seemed humanly possible. At such times, he felt as though he could lift the world on his shoulders. His father and mother had told him this was because his strength had come from God, and that God expected him to use that strength only for good. However, Samson was not sure about this. He thought his strength was just a natural result of his being such a fine specimen of manhood. His strength did not extend into the trait of humility.